Senior Pictures, Baton Rouge, Delaney from St. Amant High School


Meet Delaney!  This spunky cheerleader from St. Amant was so much fun to spend the day with!

Why do you think it’s important to take senior pictures?  It is important to take senior pictures so you can look back at your senior year in the future!

Why did you choose Luckett’s to take yours?  I loved how all the pictures were posed naturally and the unique backgrounds!

Do you have any tips on how to prepare for your session, or advice on what to bring to your session?  Have your outfits planned out ahead of time and bring a variety of options!

What would you say are the must have accessories for the perfect senior session?  Items that you value and mean a lot to you during your senior year! Also, you can’t forget the perfect earrings!!

Would you recommend bringing props to your senior session? Why or why not?  Yes! It is what will make you unique and give you lots of new ideas for your pictures!

How would you describe your style?  Trendy but simple

What type of look were you going for during your session? Relaxed and Natural

What was your favorite outfit and why?  My grey jumpsuit, it pushed me just the right amount out of my comfort zone while still showing my style.

Who’s your celebrity crush?  Patrick Dempsey

What are you scared of ?  Needles/ Shots

What’s your favorite food?  Whataburger

Favorite places to shop?  Boutiques

What’s your favorite movie?  Finding Nemo

What’s your best high school memory?  Cheering on the sidelines and competitions with my team!

What appealed to you most about Luckett Studio?  The quality of the pictures and that all of my friends used them.

What was your favorite part of your session?  I loved being in a relaxed stress free environment. It is great to not have to worry about going somewhere else to get your hair and makeup done!

What did you think of your Makeup and Hair?  I loved having my hair and makeup natural! It matched the setting of my pictures perfectly!

How did we help make you feel comfortable during your photoshoot?  I felt more comfortable because I was told how to pose and what settings would look best with my outfits. I normally wouldn’t know what to do but lucketts made it so easy!

How did you feel after leaving your photo session?  I was super excited to get my pictures back! I could not stop talking about how much fun I had with my friends!

What are your thoughts on your final edited images?  I loved how natural they were! They still looked like me and portrayed my personality perfectly!

What would you tell your friend who was nervous about taking their senior pictures?  I would tell them to just try to relax and have fun! Enjoy the moment because it will fly by!

If you could change one thing about your experience, what would it be?  I would like to be able to have more outfit changes!

“I had a great experience at Lucketts! The best way to describe it is as a “one stop shop”! They take care of everything and you get to feel like a princess for the day! I would not want to go anywhere else for my senior pictures!”





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