Senior Pictures, Kinley, Enterprise High School


Meet Kinley from Enterprise High School!  Kinley came to or studio all the way from Enterprise, Mississippi.  She is such a natural in front of the camera and has some great advice on what to do and not to do to prep for YOUR senior portraits! Be sure to visit our website for all the info on the South’s premier senior portraits experience!

  • They take outstanding photographs, and their hair and makeup artist is fantastic!
  • Just pick super fun outfits that depict your personal style! Don’t try to follow trends, but pick things that are timeless!
  • I love shoes, so I picked the most fun heels and boots for my sessions! Also, one of my outfits had a super cute hat, and it really set that outfit apart from the others! It was so fun!
  • I think if you play sports it is a super cute way to capture that part of your senior year!
  • My style is classy and unique! I always try to find ways to set my outfits apart from common trends that are popular at a certain time!
  • I really wanted a look that in ten years I would look at think, “what was I wearing?” I wanted something fun and stylish but also timeless and classy!
  • My favorite outfit was one of my fall outfits! It was a super flattering skirt with a classic blouse, pearl-embellished shoes, and an adorable hat!
  • My celebrity crush is Austin Butler! Especially when he was in The Carrie Diaries!
  • I am afraid of not succeeding in the things I aspire to do!
  • My favorite food is pizza!
  • I love Marshall’s and TJMaxx
  • My favorite movie is Top Gun!
  • My best high school memory is in ninth grade while cheering and my school’s football team ended our four year losing streak!


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