Senior Pictures, Doyle, Sydney


  • I think it’s a fun tradition to remember what you looked like when you graduated and stepped into a new chapter of life. It’s something your kids and grandkids will love to be able to see and compare how times are always changing.
  • I love the way lucketts photos look and they are definitely the best in Louisiana.
  • I would say to just bring yourself and a fun attitude.
  • Uhhh idk
  • Maybe if there’s a certain hobby or interest that you have that is different than other peoples.
  • I think my style is cute and fun
  • Just like a super colorful and vibrant summer time look
  • I liked my kimono with jean shorts because it was super simple and something I would wear all the time.
  • Liam hemsworth
  • Growing up & making the wrong decisions about my future
  • Jelly toast
  • Blu spero, Jolie girl, obsession, blink
  • Sweet home alabama
  • Definitely winning the state championship for softball. That was easily one of the best days of my life because it’s something I’ve worked for and wanted since I was really young.


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