Maci Douglas, Senior Pictures, Ascension Catholic

Meet Maci!

  • Maci Douglas
  • Ascension Catholic Diocesan Regional School
  • Gymnastics, Volleyball, Cheerleading, Softball and Powerlifting
  • High School is said to be one of the best times of your life. Taking pictures to remind you of the memories of all of your high school years, but especially your senior year is so special. I believe it is important to take senior pictures to always have something to cherish from your high school years.
  • I’ve always been told since I was a little girl that I should be a model. WhenI would see the pictures that luckett would post I would be mesmerized and absolutely speechless. The quality and perfectness of the pictures that Luckett produces is absolutely impeccable. Senior pictures are so important to me so I wanted to make sure I could get the best pictures! I’m so glad I was blessed with the chance to “model” at least for Luckett during my lifetime.
  • Wear solid, bright, timeless clothing. Also you may want to sit in front of a mirror and practice faces such as smiling, laughing, and straight face to know exactly how you would like your face to look in your pictures. This is very helpful!
  • Classy, modern, Cute and pretty
  • The yellow shirt with the flare jeans because it brought out the color in my eyes
  • Zac Efron
  • Being alone
  • Pizza
  • The mall and boutiques
  • Lord I Need You
  • Breakthrough
  • Transferring to AC and making myself happy!
  • Hawaii
  • Loving
  • NICU Nurse Practitioner
  • Incredible
  • Be happy. Know that if all you have is yourself, then that’s all you need. Keep God first and don’t waste any time!

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