Avery, Senior Pictures, Mount Carmel

  • Avery  Bourdonnay
  • Mount Carmel Academy
  • I love hanging out with my friends. I have formed a sisterhood with my friends from Mount Carmel. We love to hang out all the time and enjoy the bond we have formed. We play cabbage ball, volunteer for habitat for humanity, go to the beach, plan college tours, have sleepovers and movie nights and even watch the bachelor and bachelorette together.
  • You will only be a Senior once in your life for high school. These pictures will take me to a place in my life that brings up happy memories and moments I will cherish forever.  As times goes on things and people change. I want to remember how I was before going away to college and starting a new chapter in my life. Senior pictures make your senior year a reality. You know it will be all ending soon. It is a reminder to enjoy every second of your senior year. For this too will pass in a blink of an eye.
  • I have not seen any other senior portraits that look better than Luckett. The scenery and atmosphere is so welcoming .  The pictures all come out amazing and unique. Luckett makes you feel special and beautiful.
  • I would suggest  lots of sleep  night before and bring clothes that make you happy. Clothes and colors that look best on you and you feel
    comfortable in. Bring minimum of 5 to select from.
  • Comfy and Cute
  • I love the purple and white. That outfit makes me confident and happy.
  • Chance Crawford
  • flies
  • Trader Joe ‘s Mandarin Chicken and Sushi
  • I love boutiques.
  • Dancing in the moonlight
  • Divergent
  • Meeting my close friends from Mt. Carmel
  • Hawaii!!!!Anywhere tropical. I love the beach and crystal blue water.
  • Ambitious
  • I plan on becoming a Dermatologist
  • Pleasant
  • Just hang in there and trust your judgment.

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