Landace, Senior Picture, Parkview Baptist

All About You
Landace Abshire
What school do you attend?
Parkview Baptist School
What’s your favorite extracurricular activity?
Why do you think it’s important to take senior pictures?
I love to capture what I looked like my last year of high school with pictures that embody my personality, interest, and style. Also, they were super fun to take and they were gorgeous!
Why did you choose Luckett’s to take yours?
My family has taken pictures here for many generations for different occasions but especially senior pictures and we have always been beyond pleased with the experience and results.
Do you have any tips on how to prepare for your session, or advice on what to bring to your session?
I prepared by just resting the night before so I don’t looked tired or have eye bags. I made sure to eat healthy so my skin looks clear. I made sure to bring options incase some outfits worked better or I had malfunctions.
How would you describe your style?
It changes a lot but usually sporty or outgoing. I like to wear vibrant colors or unique designs if I’m dressing up and I love wearing things no one else has seen.
What was your favorite outfit and why?
My favorite outfit would probably be my practice clothes because they are comfy and my go to and I can dress it up or go workout in them and I love to workout and I just feel the most confident in them.
Who’s your celebrity crush?
Well the athlete would be Joe Burrow and the more famous person I guess would be Matthew Gray Gubler
What are you scared of?
What’s your favorite food?
Crawfish or Chick-fil-A
Favorite places to shop?
Forever 21, Virgo Boutique, and Rodeo
If you could choose just one, what would your theme song be?
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper
What’s your favorite movie?
Aladdin or Grease
What’s your best high school memory?
Probably state with the cross country team when the girls got to hang out at the sleepover, and we had a team dinner, then cheering each other on; also, regionals freshmen year for track because I won and our team was really close and the girls all bonded and did awesome.
What place in the world would you most like to visit?
What’s one word you would use to describe yourself?
If you have a career goal, what is it?
Start my own business
Use just one word to describe your session with Lucketts.
If you could give your freshman self a piece of advice what would it be?
Don’t compare yourself to others and keep up the hard work you are doing just fine, just live in the moment and focus on yourself.

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