Senior Pictures, Dutchtown, Olivia

Meet Olivia, our beautiful Team 2019 model from Dutchtown High School!

  • I think it’s important to take senior pictures to remember and cherish all the good times we have in our last year of high school before we step into the real world and have to start #adulting.
  • I chose Luckett’s to take my pictures because when I was a freshman, I would always wonder why all the seniors posted professional pictures of themselves. Then, I found out it was their senior pictures, which led me to discovered Luckett’s. Ever since then, I’ve been obsessed with Luckett’s pictures and have wanted to be a rep.
  • My advice on how to prepare is to get a lot of sleep and you should always bring a friend so you can loosen up in front of the camera!
  • The perfect accessories are definitely wedges and cute earrings!
  • If your dog is considered a prop, I definitely would! You can get the cutest pictures with your best friend!
  • My style is cute casual. I love dressing up, but if i can get away with wearing a sweatshirt..I will do it.
  • Cute and cozy!
  • My favorite outfit was my red sweater and dark jeans because the sweater was so comfy!
  • My celebrity crush is ariana grande because she doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her.
  • I’m extremely scared of heights, but I still end up getting myself into situations that test this fear.
  • I could eat macaroni and cheese all day, if my mom would let me.
  • My favorite place to shop is any thrift store because you can get clothes that no one else has!
  • I don’t really have a favorite movie because I only watch Friends
  • My best high school memory was last year when my best friends and I stayed up all night waiting for the snow and then spent the whole day playing in it!


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