Senior Pictures, Catholic High Pointe Coupee, Kaitley

This is the BEAUTIFUL Kaitley, our 2019 rep from Catholic of Pointe Coupee!

  • It’s important to take senior pictures because 1.) you have so much fun doing them and 2.) it’s something you get to show off and show your family and kids when you are older.
  • I chose Luckett’s to take my senior pictures because every picture they take comes out amazing. I love the setting, the lighting, the makeup, and the fun ideas that come with taking the pictures.
  • The only tip I have is to bring a couple of different outfits so you can choose what you’re “really feeling” that day (and also incase something doesn’t fit how you want it to so you don’t have an outfit crisis).
  • Definitely bring EARRINGS!!
  • Yes, you should bring props (especially if you play a sport!!).
  • I would describe my style as cute, casual, and classy
  • During my session I was going for a cute/casual look.
  • My favorite outfit was the romper because it helped make me stand out more in my pictures.
  • I am terrified of clowns, spiders, and snakes.
  • My favorite food would have to be chicken!!
  • I love to shop at basically any clothing and shoe stores, but I mostly shop at Charlotte Russe.
  • My favorite movie is Dirty Dancing.
  • My best high school memory is winning state in softball.

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