Senior Pictures, Faith, St. Amant

Meet Faith!!

  • It allows you to remember all the fun memories you had during that time of your senior year, and all of the last that you will be experiencing in high school. Gives you a chance later on to look back on memory lane and how much fun senior year was!
  • I loved every set and background that was created, and with hearing great things about it allowed me to know how comfortable they are and how much fun they would be
  • Tip that’s I have on how to prepare for your session is starting looking for outfits early, and I feel like get a understanding of all of the choices of background and spots to take your pictures because they are all to die for! Plus advice on what to bring to your session is just to bring everything you could imagine. It’s better to know you brought every piece of jewelry than regretting you should’ve brought certain things!
  • Yes! It makes it more cute and fun depending on the things you bring. Adds more to your photos than you just posing.
  • Fun
  • Sassy
  • My favorite outfit was the all white outfit because even with it being so simple, it allowed for other things to pop such as my makeup and hair even including the background.
  • John Mayer
  • Death
  • Pasta
  • Court & Layne Boutique
  • The Interstellar
  • Bring on St. Amant’s homecoming court, and experiencing all the fun festivities


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