Senior Pictures, Live Oak, Logan

  • Senior pictures is a chance for you to be able to capture memories while having fun at the same time. Being able to have a chance to take pictures of you be a kid one more time is one in a million & such a privilege!
  • Luckett is not only a great photography business, but they allow girls to feel like they can be someone they’ve never been, feel like they’ve never felt, & be someone they’ve always wanted to be. It gives girls a chance. & to me, it gave me confidence.
  • Never be nervous because there is always someone there to tell you how beautiful you are, & make sure to always carry accessory’s & clothes you feel comfortable with along with never being afraid to speak up to with your own opinions.
  • Must haves would be the perfect shoes, rings, & necklaces! They always stand out!
  • Props are always a plus and you can never have enough! They will always make your pictures pop!
  • My style is casual, but a hint of vintage
  • Vintage
  • My favorite outfit would have to be my jumper for my first session & sweater & vest for my second session. Both outfits describe me being bright yet firm when I want to be.
  • Dylan O’Brien
  • Losing my family
  • Cheese sticks
  • Shades, blu Spero, & American cookie
  • How the grinch stole Christmas
  • My best high school memory is being able to be around all my friends enjoying my last few  months being a kid & just having fun & being blessed!

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