Destination: Newport, Part 1, the Coast

For our 2022 Destination shoot we wanted to go somewhere totally different and give our model an original experience she would never forget.  When planing a destination shoot we have a lot to consider.  Location, weather, crowds, affordability, etc.  We like to have more than one option for landscape so that we can achieve a variety of different looks.  We usually shoot for an editorial, a street wear and then an over the top stylized look. In the past we’ve been to New York (twice), Las Vegas, and during the covid years we traveled to the state with the least amount of regulations, Florida. First Key West and then St. Augustine. We usually  find ourselves on a coast somehow and so our shoots tend to have at least one water theme.  Although I’ve enjoyed every destination shoot, and they have all yielded beautiful images and made a special imprint on my heart, New Port was so full of new experiences and firsts that it is definitely up there as one of my favorites!  To start the day we rented an antique yacht.  The vessel is owned and operated by a Norwegian couple who have spent the last 20 years restoring the yacht and giving coastal tours.  The cliffs of New Port proved to be the perfect back drop for the yacht club, Ralph Lauren look we were going for, and Annemarie stunned us with her bronze tan and wind blown hair.          


We couldn’t resist and even posed for a few of our own shots.  Hey, when in Rome, am I right?

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